Customized Inventory Control Software Utilizing the Latest In Theory and Technology

Let us manage your small business' inventory to increase profits. For businesses that have tried to implement lean manufacturing processes but still suffer from poor on-time delivery, high inventory costs or long cycle times. Enabling inventory optimization, demand-driven material release, end-to-end supply chain execution, and analytics for effective performance measurement reduces costs, improves throughput and increases customer satisfaction.



Web Hosting ServicesWeb Hosting

We provide low cost web hosting to small business. We keep a low client-to-server ratio. Thisensures all sites hosted on our servers have adequate system resources (CPU cycles, system memory, disk read/write access) available to accomplish their tasks. Fast, fine-tuned, balanced web hosting servers with plenty of installed system memory and secondary drive usage for backup. Shared platforms do not use Celeron processors! Data center servers are all RS/6000s.