Volume 13

December 2004, Vol. 13 Issue 12
Software Tools
  Off-Host Backup Processing with Veritas FlashSnap
    by Borislav Stoichkov

Online Backups Using dump and NFS
    by Jamie Castle

Eight Great Reasons to Love Lynx
    by Dave Taylor

Debugging SSL
    by Ryan Matteson

Using FCheck
    by Jason Perlman

    by Sean Mostafavi

Centralized Logging for UNIX, Windows, and Network Devices
    by Corey Ramsden

Building a Bridge-Based Firewall
    by Gleicon S. Moraes

Change Control
    by Bob Ess

Entrap: A File Integrity Checker
    by John Spurgeon and Ed Schaefer

Questions and Answers
    by Amy Rich

New Products