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New Products

NRG Global Introduces Sysload FeedBack Agent

NRG Global recently announced the new Sysload FeedBack Agent for IP, which, according to the company, provides information about response times and availability from a user perspective. Response times are gathered from both inside and outside a firewall, and used to provide data that can ensure that the Web site is working properly and that response times (end-to-end user experience) are acceptable. Sysload measures, monitors, and analyzes Standard IP protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, NNTP, etc., DBMS response time (remotely testing servers with SQL statements), LDAP directories, mail servers, DNS servers on all market platforms. For more information, visit:

Raritan Unveils Dominion KSX

Raritan Computer, Inc. introduced an integrated solution to manage remote equipment, including servers, switches, routers, PBXs, and power strips. According to the company, the new Dominion KSX integrates key management and control technologies -- remote KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) control, remote serial console control and remote power control -- in a single appliance that enables central management of remote servers and other IT equipment. For more information, visit:

Linuxcare Announces Levanta 2.0

Linuxcare, Inc. announced its newest version of Levanta, software for administering virtual Linux servers on the IBM eServer zSeries platform. According to the company, Levanta 2.0 allows instant server creation and scalability and enables systems administrators to instantly create, configure, and manage changes to virtual Linux servers and applications running on them. Levanta 2.0 also provides state-based rollback/restore and support for Websphere, DB2, WebLogic, Oracle and other applications, facilitates collaboration with managed self-service, and roles to enable delegation of control to infrastructure and application teams. For more information, visit:

Toshiba Compact Magnia SG20 Server Ships with Astaro Security Software

Astaro, a developer of all-in-one security software Astaro Security Linux, announced that Toshiba's compact Magnia SG20 server is now shipping with Astaro's security software (Astaro Security Linux). Astaro's software won a Product Excellence Award at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in August.

Starting at $2295, depending on configuration, the Toshiba Magnia SG20/Astaro security appliance combines a firewall, VPN gateway, URL blocking, content filtering, and virus protection. Other security features include extended virus protection for POP3 and SMTP email accounts, comprehensive heuristic spam blocking, and expanded Radius and LDAP support for local and remote user authentication. This turnkey security server appliance also features load balancing, High Availability mode, an Up2Date service that automatically updates new virus signatures, a WebAdmin tool that allows for remote administration, Quality of Service (QoS), and enhanced support for DSL and cable modem Internet access.

The Magnia SG20 appliance is available from, through Toshiba's traditional distribution channels, and through authorized Astaro resellers. For more information, visit

Altiris Unveils Deployment Solution

Altiris, Inc. announced new cross-platform server provisioning capabilities that provide native-Linux support for Linux provisioning, bare-metal OS deployment and on-going management, and system configuration. Also, according to the company, Altiris Unix solutions further integrate heterogeneous management with additional platform support, increased security features, and new server change management for more efficient server provisioning. For more information, visit:

PSSC Labs Releases CBeST 3.0

PSSC Labs Inc. announced version 3.0 of CBeST, the company's cluster management software. According to the company, the software will ship fully installed and customized to the specifications of the end user. CBeST v3.0 will function immediately with custom installation for specific computing tasks, the latest version of the Linux kernel, support for 32-bit and 64-bit AMD and Intel processors, and open source tools. For more information, visit:

Metagence Announces Linux for META

Metagence recently announced the availability of Linux for the META multi-threaded RISC/DSP processor family, a Linux port to a multi-threaded processor architecture. According to the company, Linux and META are highly complementary, offering product designers an integrated, cost-effective, real-time, multi-threaded hardware solution and the flexibility, familiarity, and functionality of the Linux software environment. For more information, visit:

Central Command Announces Vexira ISP

Central Command announced the availability of the Vexira Antivirus ISP Open License (Vexira ISP). According to the company, Vexira ISP was created for Internet service providers and medium to large organizations to help protect Internet domains, email boxes, and file areas from viruses. The Vexira ISP offers an unlimited number of Internet domains, email boxes, and file areas to be protected for $3900 for the first server and $1900 for each additional server. It includes one year of virus detection updates, product upgrades, and technical support. Multi-year pricing is also available. For more information, visit: