LANTrip works by storing Tripwire binary installations of each OS architecture combination where Tripwire is to be used on a central host. The machine that stores the Tripwire installations and copies them over to other machines for comparison is referred to here as the central host. Any machine on which Tripwire will run is called a client. At a certain time (optionally random), a copy of the Tripwire installation and file integrity databases are copied from the central host over to a random directory on each client to be executed. The results are recorded, and the Tripwire installation is deleted from the random directory.



Information regarding installation and admin documentation can be found here.



Version 1.1 is now out thanks to a series of patches from Javier Palacios.



Download the latest version below:

Version 1.1


Future additions


Previous Versions

Version 1.0



You can reach me, Sean Mostafavi, at seanm@undersea.net if you have any questions/comments/suggestions.